Month: October 2020

Best treadmills 2020: Trainers share their home treadmill choices

Gyms are slowly opening back up across the country after many shuttered following the outbreak of Covid-19. But consumers are increasingly interested in working out at home in the interim, investing in stationary exercise bikes, for example. While recreating at home the experience of attending boutique cycling studios such as Peloton, Soul Cycle and Flywheel is growing ever more popular, […]

How to Create At-Home Workout Space

Exercise is important for the mind and body, but even more sure during the pandemic. Unfortunately, due to restrictions placed upon us during COVID-19, most of us aren’t moving around as much as we’d like to. Of course, many fitness studios and gyms have reopened, but for those who want to do some of their virtual classes […]

How Can You Get Rid of Back Fat? 11 Tips for the Gym and Your Plate

Everybody’s got some amount of back fat. But if you have some extra back fat that you’d like to shed, we’ve got your back (and the fat that comes with it). Here’s how to get rid of back fat the healthy way with diet and exercise. Wait, what causes back fat in the first place? […]

How to Safely Move Your Gym Equipment

If you’re like many workout buffs, moving to a new home means having to figure out how to move heavy gym equipment. Whether it’s as simple as a yoga mat or as complicated as a treadmill, putting your new at home gym together isn’t going to be a walk in the park. There’s a right way and […]

How long does it take to build muscle?

Many people start workout routines to look toned or lean. Lifting weights can help you achieve those goals, but it’s important to start a new workout plan with the right expectations. Building muscle takes much longer than most people realize. It’s a slow — almost excruciatingly slow — process that can feel discouraging when you don’t see the muscle definition you […]

Is It Normal to Take a Nap After a Workout?

Physical activity is known for boosting energy. That’s because exercise increases your heart rate and blood flow, making you feel awake. It’s one of the many benefits of working out. However, it’s also possible to get tired after exercise. This is especially common after high-intensity workouts. Physical activity, after all, requires a lot of energy and stamina. […]

11 Steps to Follow for a Post-Workout Routine That Gets Results

What you do after your workout is an important part of yielding results, such as muscle gain and weight loss, while reducing muscle soreness. A post-workout routine also helps to maintain optimum energy levels as you restore your vitality, making it easier to stick to your fitness plan. This article explores the steps to take […]

The Studio home workout display works with your existing gym equipment

“Smart” workout equipment has gotten a lot of attention this year, what with the coronavirus shutting down gyms. Some of the more elaborate smart workout setups involve giant displays that stand in for a personal trainer, and a new one launches today on Indiegogo: Studio. What seems to set Studio apart from other options is that […]