Month: November 2020

Health and fitness apps to download to stay fit and healthy

Here are some apps that can help with your overall health even at home. A healthy lifestyle is now within reach by just downloading apps in our smartphones. Because of technology, people can now easily maintain a workout routine and a balanced diet even at home. With the right app, an individual can focus on his/her overall […]

18 Fitness Tips These Trainers Always Give Their Beginner Clients

If you’re new to working out (or if you’re just thinking about incorporating fitness into your life), first thing’s first—congrats. Deciding to be more active is an incredible first step to cashing in all of the amazing benefits of exercise, from better moods to improved sleep to all-around higher confidence. But once you’ve resolved to start working […]

How Safe Are Group Fitness Classes Right Now?

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, kettlebells and resistance bands have been hot commodities (right up there with toilet paper and hand sanitizer) as we pivoted from working out at the gym to exercising at home. Those of us who like the motivation of following along with an instructor turned to virtual workout classes on Instagram Live and other subscription platforms for our fitness fix. Streaming […]

The Year’s Best Home Fitness Gifts

As the pandemic rages on, gyms face an uncertain future. Even if you’re not among the 50 percent of Americans who say they won’t return to them, your local spot may already be closed or operating at such a reduced occupancy that you can’t grab a bench. The only sure thing in fitness these days is WOFH (working […]

Rebel Wilson’s trainer reveals 5 fitness and weight-loss tips

Rebel Wilson’s trainer Jono Castano has been thrust into the spotlight since his famous client’s “year of health” has proven so successful for her. Even though he has worked with high-profile clients before, the Sydney, Australia-based trainer says Wilson is “definitely” his most famous client ever, and this has inspired him to hopefully come to the United […]

40 Health And Wellness Tips Rihanna Follows To Look And Feel Her Strongest

A prolific singer, actress and now businesswoman, Robyn Rihanna Fenty has officially earned the right to put herself in the category of celebs that only need one name for someone to know exactly who you’re talking about. The Barbadian burst onto the U.S. music scene when she was 16 and hasn’t slowed down since. But whether she’s […]