Rebel Wilson’s trainer reveals 5 fitness and weight-loss tips

Rebel Wilson’s trainer Jono Castano has been thrust into the spotlight since his famous client’s “year of health” has proven so successful for her.

Even though he has worked with high-profile clients before, the Sydney, Australia-based trainer says Wilson is “definitely” his most famous client ever, and this has inspired him to hopefully come to the United States.

“It’s definitely taught me to be able to cater to someone like Rebel, in terms of having someone of that level, who is able to trust you and also become amazing friends and grow such an awesome relationship through training,” he told TODAY. “It’s also taught me that I want to be able to work with more people like Rebel, and want to move to Los Angeles to have the chance to kind of showcase who I am and my ability to work with people like that.”

On whether it’s easier or harder to work with people in or out of the spotlight, he said, “It’s been similar journeys.”

“It’s not just about 45 minutes with a person,” he stressed. “It’s about 24 hours, checking in.”

For anyone looking to start their own similar journey to Wilson, who is inching closer to her goal weight of 165 pounds, Castano shares what he says people can do to have their own personal year of health.

5 weight-loss tips from Rebel Wilson’s trainer Jono Castano:

1. Post your goal on social media.

Wilson was talking about her “year of health” well before she actually started, and Castano says that posting your goal publicly can help you become more accountable with others and ultimately, yourself. One key point: You shouldn’t just share your wins, but your difficulties as well.

“Keep yourself accountable, free posting on social,” he said. “Rebel has been posting for the whole 2020 about her journey, the ups and downs.”

“I guess the thing with Rebs as well, we rethink so many ways that you get around,” he said. “Don’t just jump in your car, like even if it’s Uber or whatever it is, think of different ways to get to your destination. Maybe it’s a walk. I think that’s a great thing as well because I’m a big believer that #45Daily, so include 45 minutes into your day where you are moving.”

If you’re looking to do more of an intense fitness schedule that is something similar to Wilson’s, Castano suggests something like this:

Day 1: High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Day 2: Weights/resistance

Day 3: Mobility/recovery

Day 4: HIIT

Day 5: HIIT/weights

Day 6: Recovery

Day 7: HIIT

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