12 fitness and workout gifts ‘Fast Company’ editors are asking for this year

Working out indoors has become more than a seasonal affair this year. As we spend more and more time working out at home, the fitness industry has gotten creative, with clever, new products to make working out indoors easier, quicker, and more interesting than ever. We’ve rounded up some of the best fitness and workout gear, gadgets, classes, and attire to satisfy (and challenge) every athlete on your list.

This year, you won’t have to sweat. But trust us, they will.

[Photo: courtesy Bandier]

Bala Bangles
Send the power walker or Pilates buff in your life a set of these playfully retro Bala Bangles—available in three weights and a variety of cheerful colors. They look cute, but they’ll add an extra layer of strength training to any workout that will definitely not go unnoticed.BALA BANGLES – STARTING AT $49

[Photo: courtesy Theragun]

Theragun Mini
The Theragun Mini is a Recommender favorite for good reason: This science-backed percussion massager packs 150 minutes of battery life, delivers 20 pounds of force, and can be tucked into their gym bag, purse, or home office desk drawer for whenever they need relief.THERAGUN MINI – $199

[Photo: courtesy Nordictrack]

NordicTrack’s FreeStride Trainer
Fast Company senior writer Elizabeth Segran loves her NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer, a compact elliptical that brings your workout on a whirlwind, worldwide journey via its built-in screen. She adds, “I’ve never been able to run before, because it has caused too much pain in my knees and shins, but this machine has allowed me to mimic a running motion, without impact. For the first time, I’ve been able to join virtual classes that prepare you for races or endurance runs. Other times, I’ve taken hikes or walks, slowing my pace but increasing my incline and resistance.”NORDICTRACK’S FREESTRIDE TRAINER – $2,999

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