Best rowers and rowing machines of 2020 for your home gym

With temperatures dropping and gyms re-closing across the country, Americans are investing more in at-home gyms, among them cardio machines. Unsurprisingly, at-home fitness equipment purchases have grown about 170 percent since the initial Covid-19 lockdowns and so fitness brands and retailers have scrambled to keep up. Shoppers are shelling out for treadmills and stationary bikes — and we’re seeing an increasing demand for rowers. Rowers aren’t always top of mind for shoppers, said Brad McLam, the director of business development at exercise equipment retailer Gym Source. But there’s good reason to change that perception, he added. “They can truly give a really good workout for areas of the body that are very difficult to train in other ways, such as the hip and back. Both of those are very important for overall conditioning.”

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If you’re looking for a rower to add to your home gym — alongside your dumbbellskettlebells and suspension trainers — you’ve got a slate of options available online, many offering easy returns and trial periods. We consulted fitness experts on how to go about finding the best rowing machine and which are the best rowers available now.

Best Rowers

1. Echelon Smart Rower

This smart rower comes loaded with adjustable features to personalize your indoor rowing workout. The machine can be set to 32 resistance levels, which can be easily toggled from the handlebars. A standout feature of the Echelon is the screen, which can flip 180 degrees, to incorporate floor exercises to your workout.

Users get one month’s free access to Echelon’s fitness subscription, which includes dozens of rowing workouts and a library of classes including boxing, pilates, yoga and more. Subscriptions cost $40 per month after that. This rower is foldable and has built-in wheels for easy storage and needs to be plugged into the wall. This model is also much more affordable than other smart rowers, a good option for those who aren’t looking to splurge.

Echelon Smart Rower$1,039.98ECHELON$999.99AMAZON$999.99TARGET

2. The Ergatta Rower

This smart rower is able to create fitness challenges based on the user’s fitness profile, gamifying the workout process. You’ll get access to both interval and HIIT workouts, goal-based workouts and individual races, via Ergatta’s app ($29 per month). Users can also join competitions and group challenges with other Ergatta rowers.

Ergatta, which must be plugged into the wall, uses water in its wheel for a smoother and quieter ride. It’s not Bluetooth enabled but will connect to Wi-Fi. Note that this rower is pricier than other smart models, though sports a stylish design and includes some high-end bells and whistles. If you aren’t quite sure if you’re ready to commit, Ergatta offers a 30-day free trial with free returns.

The Ergatta Rower$2,199.00ERGATTA

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500 Water Rowing Machine

This affordable water-based rowing machine from Sunny Health & Fitness relies on a flywheel with 16 fan blades and boasts sweat-resistant handlebars. The brand highlights the height of the seat, as well, noting it’s designed with a high-profile.

A non-smart display tracks your workout metrics, including strokes, calories and more. Wheels at the end of the rower will help you move it and it’s designed for easy vertical storage.

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