Halle Berry, 54, dons cut-out bikini to share message that age is not a barrier to fitness

Halle Berry has showcased her incredible figure in a cut-out black bikini, proving once again that age need not be a barrier to fitness.

The 54-year-old actor headed to Instagram to share a video clip to promote her digital content and e-commerce wellness brand Respin.

In the video, the X-Men star can be seen emerging from the sea in a cut-out detail black bikini, which highlights her gym-honed physique.

Other snippets in the clip saw Berry undertaking various workouts, including hitting a punch bag and performing yoga on an idyllic balcony.

In all the clips the Kidnap star looks sensational in active wear, which draws attention to her impressively toned abs, torso and shoulders.

The video ends with Berry wearing a gold bikini as she lays back in the sand.

During the clip, Berry’s voiceover details the importance of looking after your body, explaining that: “Health and wellness doesn’t just happen overnight but it’s a life long journey that requires commitment and mindfulness.”

After sharing the video clip with her 6.7 million followers, fans were quick to praise the actor for her inspiring message that looking after your body is achievable no matter your age.

“Yes Halle it is a life long journey that takes consistency and the work put in,” one wrote.

“It’s a lifestyle, being younger it was always about aesthetics but then as you get older it’s about mobility, energy, agility. I absolutely love hearing information from you because it’s inspiring and encouraging because it is attainable at any age.”

“You out here making fitness in your fifties look great! Keep sharing,” another wrote.

“Beautiful message to stay empowered to take care of our bodies. Thank you for sharing this,” another added.

full article: https://sports.yahoo.com/halle-berry-bikini-age-fitness-114401223.html

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