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Elderly are highly recommended to exercise after COVID-19 recovery

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Amarillo gyms might be seeing an increase in elderly people with the life-saving impact exercise could have after recovering from COVID-19. “Frailty is a risk factor for death. That’s what the biggest issue in elderly patients has been, once they’ve lost that muscle mass during COVID, it’s brutal, it’s very hard […]

Best rowers and rowing machines of 2020 for your home gym

With temperatures dropping and gyms re-closing across the country, Americans are investing more in at-home gyms, among them cardio machines. Unsurprisingly, at-home fitness equipment purchases have grown about 170 percent since the initial Covid-19 lockdowns and so fitness brands and retailers have scrambled to keep up. Shoppers are shelling out for treadmills and stationary bikes — and we’re seeing an increasing demand for […]

Just the Facts: Fitness and Our Health

Think about the last time you exercised (hopefully it’s not a too distant memory). What was your motivation? Perhaps you were taking part in a team sport? Wanted to burn some dinner calories? Or simply had to take your dog for a walk? While there are a bunch of totally valid incentives to exercise, the […]

Health and fitness apps to download to stay fit and healthy

Here are some apps that can help with your overall health even at home. A healthy lifestyle is now within reach by just downloading apps in our smartphones. Because of technology, people can now easily maintain a workout routine and a balanced diet even at home. With the right app, an individual can focus on his/her overall […]

The Year’s Best Home Fitness Gifts

As the pandemic rages on, gyms face an uncertain future. Even if you’re not among the 50 percent of Americans who say they won’t return to them, your local spot may already be closed or operating at such a reduced occupancy that you can’t grab a bench. The only sure thing in fitness these days is WOFH (working […]

The Studio home workout display works with your existing gym equipment

“Smart” workout equipment has gotten a lot of attention this year, what with the coronavirus shutting down gyms. Some of the more elaborate smart workout setups involve giant displays that stand in for a personal trainer, and a new one launches today on Indiegogo: Studio. What seems to set Studio apart from other options is that […]